Stefanie D

It may be irreconcilable to say a thing such as, welcome to the first day of your life. But that is precisely how it would feel. Without sounding esoteric for those fearful, QHHT is methodology that puts you in a state where you can access what you may know, as your intuition, through the theta states you are already familiar with daily.

The distinction and professionalism of a level 3 practitioner becomes obvious when you have attempted QHHT more than once, Aarti’s active choice of words coaxes you (higher you) to reveal the answers to the questions you have. She is patient, and insistent. And she listens intently and has a spirit that seeks to connect and provide healing to the best of her capacity. Through the entire process of sharing your energy and space with her, I felt safe, open and guided by her abilities. I came out of the intense session with an all encompassing change of perspective, internally and reflecting outwardly. It might be the best thing you can do for yourself in this life. – Stefanie D


The nervousness for my session faded away when I met Aarti.  Aarti radiates a generous peaceful energy full of acceptance, patience, and compassion.  I left the session with a completely new perspective on life with my existential questions answered, but most of all with an appreciative awe of the process Aarti guided me through, because I knew my comfort and trust in her allowed me the space necessary for this to occur.

 I was very much hoping my practitioner would be a fit for me for this once-in-a-lifetime experience, and by the end of the session I couldn’t have been more confident that it had been.  Infinite gratitude, Aarti! – B


Aarti! It’s been a few days now since our session. I wanted to personally say Thank you again for making the time for me quickly before my surgery. I appreciate our session and the clarity it gave. S

Thank you for walking me through it with kind words and advice in a non-judge-mental way. You are a very kind hearted soul and you are 800% in the right biz I also wanted to say that I came in with a hip joint pain. And I noticed since that day that it is no longer there anymore. Wow! Frozen shoulder pain also definitely reduced – only 5% left maybe. I am thinking if I keep stretching it will go away.

I couldn’t have asked for a finer practitioner to take me on my QHHT journey than Aarti Agrawal.  She is a genuine healer.

Love and light pours out of her.
She instantly felt like a mentor, healer, therapist and a friend all in an instant. Speaking to her  was so very easy. Her compassionate light shined through. She had great insight and made me have so many elated moments in our conversation,which took place well before we got to the hypnosis!

She spent a great amount of time getting to know me and explaining why each detail was important. She then hypnotized me in her beautiful and safe office. It was such a calming experience. Her voice was so pleasant to listen to as she led me through my exploratory journey.

She spoke with my higher self with the utmost respect and poise. My soul cried as I felt her energy through my body and got the answers I was looking for.

Throughout the whole session I feel like she really understood who I am and the answers I was searching for ~ both from a health perspective and in identifying my life’s purpose.


Thank you Aarti! you did such a beautiful job advocating for me throughout the whole process – especially when getting answers from my higher self.

I’m still processing it all, and I’m quite certain more will be revealed. It was life-changing to say the least!
I would highly recommend Aarti and QHHT to all interested in learning more about themselves. She is extremely loving and authentic.

It was an honor working with her. It was sure to be an experience I shall never forget and I am and will be forever grateful to her for the opportunity.


The world of quantum healing was confusing, even somewhat overwhelming to me, which made seeking a competent professional who will provide credible help and information became all the more critical. 

I feel fortunate that I ultimately decided to give it a shot and went for a past life regression to Aarti. Aarti has been able to assist in providing the kind of healing I didn’t think could exist. I am not someone who can share the deepest feelings/memories with anyone easily but she made me opening up very comfortable and non-judgmental. It was evident that she cared truly about me being able to find answers to my internal struggles. 

She’s truly passionate about helping her clients in a way which is hard to describe. The session started with her asking a lot of questions going back to my childhood. She kept gleaning the facts that could be in any way relevant to solving my current challenges. After that she was able to take me to a deep meditative state, and helped me witness my past life. She guided me into getting answers to my very personal questions from my higher self and I never for a moment felt rushed. I have felt better in many ways since my session, a positive shift of energy and am able to reason with my thoughts in a different way now. Even after the session, Aarti checked in with me regularly. Along with being extremely professional, Aarti is incredibly compassionate too.
I absolutely LOVED her!


I have always believed in Quantum Healing and past life regression but became really nervous and a little skeptical when I was actually going into a session. Aarti was truly awesome. 

Her warmth and calm gave me comfort and made me feel completely at ease. I was able to go into one of my past lives and get answers to a few questions and start healing myself in that process. I highly recommend Aarti- she is not just empathetic but does everything with such amazing grace and simplicity that everything surrounding the process becomes undaunting.


Aarti is an amazing healer. From the moment I sat down I could feel that I was in a safe and judgment -free space. I felt that throughout all my explaining of everything she not only listened with a compassionate ear, but was able to make correlations and intuitively sense the things that were most important for me to focus on in the session.

After the session my body was still processing all the healing, but now I can honestly say, I am experiencing a new wonderful feeling.. my biggest issues were around feelings of unworthiness and fear of putting myself first and I SUDDENLY am able to feel okay with it.. I’m not convincing myself it’s okay or justifying things to myself mentally, but actually FEELING okay with making decisions that are good for me and not  necessarily  for those around me. I’m finally beginning to feel worthy of my own love and respect. I’m beginning to understand the true meaning to self-love, and I think this is just the beginning.. I think the benefits of this healing will be brought to my awareness more and more as I continue to reflect on my internal changes over time.. I’m so grateful for Aarti and this work. I truly feel a breakthrough is right around the corner.. thank you!


If you’re looking for a QHHT practitioner look no further! Aarti is such a sweetheart and made my very first hypnosis/ past life regression experience as memorable and safe as it could be. From the second I met Aarti I could sense her love and kindness.

Aarti took the time to get to know me, my story, and my life without judgment. She truly created a safe and comfortable space to undergo this experience. Although my session was only a day ago I am already feeling the healing and guidance impacting my life in such a positive way. So very grateful I chose Aarti and definitely recommend her to anyone wishing to do QHHT!!! Xoxo


Sooner or later you get to that point where you are ready to go forward or stall until your next energy wave comes through. I wanted to do QHHT for years. It was a matter of divine timing and finding the right person to trust and help me to “shift.”

Driving to her office, I could feel my energy rising as if my higher self was celebrating that I’d made the connection to the right one! And I did! Aarti was the perfect one for me. She gently led me through doors that seemed stuck for years. The realizations are still pouring through a week later. I highly recommend Aarti as a QHHT practitioner. I’m in a state of gratitude to have had her help. Thank you again, Aarti!


I had my first session with Aarti last week. Aarti made me feel so comfortable that I didn’t feel that I was meeting her for the very first time. I had a great experience and I feel it gave me so much clarity. I’d highly recommend visiting her! Thank you Aarti for helping and healing me.

If you’ve had a session with me, I would love to hear about your experience!