What is BQH ?

BQH stands for Beyond Quantum Healing. This quantum healing technique can be conducted online. It is boundary less and was designed by Candace Craw-Goldman who was also a student of Dolores Cannon. It allows the client to move into a deep state of relaxation, so they can access The Subconscious mind and get answers to their questions, and sometimes even receive deep physical healing. A BQH session lasts for 4-5 hours on an online platform. These sessions can either be in-person or conducted online. So, it doesn’t matter what side of the planet you are on. This online Hypnotic journey gives you access to higher states of consciousness and helps you align with your life’s purpose.

How to Prepare for A BQH session

We will be conducting your session online. Please make sure you are in a room where your internet has a strong connection with no disturbance whatsoever, making sure no one will walk in and out of your room. We will meet over a zoom video call. We will spend the first two hours talking about your life and discussing your list of questions and any concerns that you may have. The next two hours of the session will be hypnosis. You will be lying down either on your bed, sofa or a recliner chair. Please be sure to keep your laptop on charge even during the session, to avoid running out of battery in the middle of hypnosis.  You will need to think of a set up where I should be able to see your face clearly while you are lying down.

Price – $595 (Online)

(You can pay by cash or mail a check to Aadyah, LLC one week prior to your session or pay through Zelle. International clients from outside of the US can use Google pay.)